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About Us

Our History

Ace Equipment Sales, Inc. was founded by Lawrence “Larry” Becker in 1973. By that time, Larry had been operating a gravel pit, granite quarry, and a cement manufacturing plant for nearly two decades. Moving forward, the skill, experience, and drive from the inception of the company proved to be long-lasting. 40 years later, Ace Equipment Sales, Inc. is a leading innovator in the asphalt batching & recycling, concrete batching & recycling, and aggregate processing industries. Possessing over a century of industry experience, there are few other businesses that can match Ace Equipments Sales, Inc.'s expansive knowledge. Always progressing, the business stays at the forefront of technology with mastery in remote automation systems and new methods of efficiency. In an ever growing portfolio of products and services, Ace Equipment Sales, inc. is now a manufacturer of Heavy-duty Portable Jaw Crushers.

Milroy and Company, LLC has evolved through many different phases since it's establishment in 1920. Originally Bacon & Greene and Milroy, the company was a leading source for aggregate processing equipment. Sole distributor and partnered manufacturer of the Ferrell-Bacon Crusher, a heavy-duty jaw crusher, Milroy and Company, LLC. still operates as a maintenance supply source for the handful that are still running; nearly a century later.  This rich history is recorded throughout an extensive archive listing every transaction ever made by Milroy and Company, LLC. With some of the same customers that it has had since the 1950's such as, The Lane Construction Company, we maintain all historical references for their equipment since the beginning of our business relationship as we do any current or new customer. Bill Dahill, an experienced sales engineer, worked with the company through its last evolution from W.H Milroy to Milroy and Company, LLC. As an industry veteran Bill possessed an all-encompassing knowledge of equipment, operations, and applications for the aggregate, asphalt, and concrete business. After 30 years of working with the company, Bill left an immense impact on the business, co-workers, and customers through-out the Northeast. Bill will be sorely missed and will always be fondly remembered by those whom knew him.