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“This business has a language all its own and when customers call for help they like to speak to someone that understands their language.”

Milroy and Company, LLC.

Milroy and Company, LLC offers unique services in the aggregate industry. When meeting the demand for production there are the routine emergencies. Belts tearing and parts breaking bring operations to a literal screeching halt. This is when Milroy and Company, LLC steps in to prevent wasted time and increase efficiency. By using archiving techniques and methods the specifications for replacement parts will be generated and emergency orders will be placed within minutes. Providing a source for reliability and not just parts, Milroy will become part of operations and take on the tasks that would otherwise burden plant managers. This is in addition to an extensive catalog of parts on-demand for asphalt batching & recycling, concrete batching & recycling, and aggregate processing equipment. Our manufacturers are thoroughly evaluated for quality and competitive pricing to provide customers the best products at the lowest prices. As an official dealer of Telsmith for Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Regions of New York, Milroy boasts a stocked repair and maintenance inventory. While possessing the ability to source any Telsmith parts directly from the factory. Of course prior to purchase, expert advice is offered on the parts being discussed and which will be best suited for your application.

Citing this rich and diverse history of experience both in its archive spanning over a century and in it's industry seasoned personnel, Milroy is a reliable addition to your operations. As a constant resource for repair and maintenance parts, Milroy will begin recording all transactions with your business upon your first order. This first sales order is filed with all the related equipment and product information as with every order that follows. These files will remain as a reference and resource for the duration of our business relationship. By collecting this information Milroy will know the specifications and preferences most effective for your equipment and product cheapest generic cialis uk. With the use of serial numbers and order history, replacement manganese will be well documented. This includes sizes, styles, and preferred manufacturers of the concaves, mantles, stationary & swing dies, and liners for your cone, jaw, and impact crusher plants. Not only will the dimensions, openings, and materials for the currently used wire cloth be available but, the historical specifications used to create your past products can be easily referenced. While not forgetting the side tension rail angles & dimensions Milroy helped “spec-out” on your last portable plant or stationary screen related order. And of course the CEMA series of replacement rollers, angles of troughing idlers, and conveyor belt sizes will be at our finger tips in the case of an emergency. Active orders can even be compared, verified, and, on occasion, corrected to the proper specifications from archive records.

This defining information management service provided by Milroy and Company, LLC is complimented by diligence in research. Through investigation the elusive and obscure parts needed for that cone or jaw crusher overhaul will be found. Using archive records, generic equipment manuals, and other sources there isn't a broken part that can't be identified, replaced, or upgraded. In that same light plant operators can find insight on specific part legacies and recent developments. Staying current allows Milroy to modernize cone crushers with upgrade packages such as the newly designed Telsmith SBS shaft nuts. Presenting new ways to improve the caliber of your equipment while making lives easier by offering the addition of an administrative and research team to current operations. The role Milroy plays will help focus on-site equipment maintenance and repair work to a “get-the-job-done” mentality. While saving the invaluable time of frustrated plant operators whom otherwise would be occupied searching for the necessary parts to resume operations. Once experiencing these great services it's easy to understand Milroy offers much more than a parts dealer. Trusted and quickly becoming indispensable, Milroy and Company, LLC is the aggregate of knowledge.